Player Statistics in Capcom Pro Tour 2016

Statistics drawn from past Capcom Pro Tour tournaments. They reflect the characters we will likely see in the Capcom Cup finals and who plays them, as well as overall statistics on what characters were used to compete in the Capcom Pro Tour.

Players in qualifying zones

These players will qualify if tournament started today:
  • Players qualified directly: Infiltration, Tokido, NuckleDu, Xiaohai, GamerBee, Daigo Umehara, Phenom, Momochi, Mago, DR Ray
  • Players qualifying by global score: Justin Wong, Fuudo, MOV, Julio Fuentes, Xian, Haitani, Eita, Luffy, GO1, Filipino Champ, CCL, Chris Tatarian, Mister Crimson, Kazunoko
  • Players qualifying by regional score: Brolynho, Ricki Ortiz, Ryan Hart, Problem X, Misterio, XsK Samurai, Sako, Tse4444
Players that may still win a direct spot:
  • qualified for regional finals Asia: Justin Wong, Xiaohai, GamerBee, MOV, Daigo Umehara, Xian, Haitani, Eita, Mago, GO1, Kazunoko, Sako, Tse4444, Itabashi Zangief
  • qualified for regional finals Latin America: Justin Wong, Filipino Champ, Chris Tatarian, K-Brad, Brolynho, Jiewa, Misterio, Will2Pac, KusanagiMX, Dark817, Baek, Crossover, Ericke Maciel, DR Ray
  • qualified for regional finals Northern America: Justin Wong, NuckleDu, Julio Fuentes, Filipino Champ, Chris Tatarian, K-Brad, Ricki Ortiz, XsK Samurai, John Takeuchi, PR Balrog, Alucard, Flash, Ludovic, Punk
  • qualified for regional finals Europe: MOV, Daigo Umehara, Phenom, Xian, Luffy, CCL, Chris Tatarian, Mister Crimson, Jiewa, Problem X, ImStillDaDaddy, Cobelcog, Big Bird, TKR
Note that in early stages only 'qualified' players are guaranteed. The others are still fighting for points to qualify.

Character Statistics in Capcom Pro Tour 2016

Main character usage of current qualifying 32

These are the characters that will be played at highest level. Competitors are advised to learn these matchups thoroughly.
Character Occurence Used by
Karin 3 Justin Wong, Mago, Misterio
Mika 2 Fuudo, Luffy
Chun 6 MOV, GO1, CCL, Ricki Ortiz, Sako, Tse4444
Ken 5 Julio Fuentes, Eita, Chris Tatarian, Momochi, Ryan Hart
FANG 1 Xian
Necalli 4 Haitani, GamerBee, Phenom, Brolynho
Dhalsim 1 Filipino Champ
Laura 1 Mister Crimson
Cammy 1 Kazunoko
Nash 2 Infiltration, NuckleDu
Ryu 4 Tokido, Xiaohai, Daigo Umehara, XsK Samurai
Vega 1 DR Ray
Bison 1 Problem X
A total of 13 have been used as main by the current qualifying 32 CPT players
Characters not used as main are: Birdie, Rashid, Gief, Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Urien, Juri, Akuma

All character usages of current qualifying players

These are the characters that may be played. Most as main charac ter, some as secondary characters. Secondaries are often used to counter bad matchups.
Character Occurence Used by
Karin 3 Justin Wong, Misterio, Mago
Mika 3 NuckleDu, Luffy, Fuudo
Chun 7 Momochi, Ricki Ortiz, MOV, CCL, Tse4444, GO1, Sako
Ken 5 Julio Fuentes, Ryan Hart, Momochi, Eita, Chris Tatarian
FANG 3 Infiltration, Ryan Hart, Xian
Ibuki 2 Brolynho, Xian
Necalli 4 Haitani, Brolynho, Phenom, GamerBee
Dhalsim 2 Mister Crimson, Filipino Champ
Nash 5 Infiltration, Xiaohai, Ricki Ortiz, NuckleDu, Filipino Champ
Laura 1 Mister Crimson
Cammy 4 Xiaohai, Misterio, Kazunoko, GamerBee
Rashid 1 Infiltration
Ryu 4 Xiaohai, Tokido, XsK Samurai, Daigo Umehara
Guile 3 Ryan Hart, NuckleDu, Problem X
Bison 2 Problem X, Phenom
Vega 2 Ryan Hart, DR Ray
Alex 2 Brolynho, Problem X
Gief 1 Problem X
A total of 13 have been used as main by the current best 32 CPT players.
Characters not used at all are: Birdie, Balrog, Urien, Juri, Akuma

Characters used by current qualifying players

This shows how diverse certain players can be. Players with a lot of characters are less prone to bad match-ups.
Player Number Characters
Problem X 4 Alex (12), Bison (5), Gief (2), Guile (1)
Ryan Hart 4 Ken (13), Guile (4), Vega (1), FANG (1)
Brolynho 3 Necalli (6), Ibuki (2), Alex (1)
Xiaohai 3 Cammy (10), Ryu (2), Nash (1)
NuckleDu 3 Mika (15), Nash (13), Guile (9)
Infiltration 3 Nash (8), Rashid (2), FANG (1)
Misterio 2 Karin (5), Cammy (1)
Ricki Ortiz 2 Chun (20), Nash (2)
Momochi 2 Ken (9), Chun (1)
Phenom 2 Necalli (10), Bison (6)
GamerBee 2 Necalli (14), Cammy (1)
Mister Crimson 2 Dhalsim (13), Laura (9)
Filipino Champ 2 Dhalsim (15), Nash (2)
Xian 2 FANG (17), Ibuki (2)
Tse4444 1 Chun (4)
Sako 1 Chun (9)
XsK Samurai 1 Ryu (12)
DR Ray 1 Vega (6)
Mago 1 Karin (15)
Daigo Umehara 1 Ryu (15)
Tokido 1 Ryu (13)
Kazunoko 1 Cammy (17)
Chris Tatarian 1 Ken (14)
CCL 1 Chun (11)
GO1 1 Chun (17)
Luffy 1 Mika (15)
Eita 1 Ken (17)
Haitani 1 Necalli (19)
Julio Fuentes 1 Ken (18)
MOV 1 Chun (13)
Fuudo 1 Mika (8)
Justin Wong 1 Karin (16)

Characters in all CPT tournaments by all players

This is an overall statistics on the characters used in CPT tournaments.
Character Occurence
Ken 178
Laura 93
Karin 141
Ryu 175
Chun 232
Nash 168
Bison 92
Birdie 81
Vega 98
Gief 58
Necalli 168
Dhalsim 105
Rashid 61
Cammy 147
Mika 108
Not identified 193
Alex 49
Guile 48
Ibuki 11
Balrog 24
Juri 9
Urien 6
A total of 23 have been used as main or secondary by all Capcom Pro Tour 2016 tournament players.