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2 Tournaments played

Name Date Location Weight Pro Tour Qualified Max Points Max Prize
Final Round XX - SF5 2017-03-12 United States 10457 Premier Tournament Xian (Global) 400 7000
Game Over Tournament 2017 - SF5 2017-03-27 Dominican Republic 2466 Ranking Tournament MenaRD (Latin America) 160 0
A total of 560 points could be scored and 1 direct places were granted

Qualifying listed players by country

Country Amount Players
US 15 L.I. Joe, Filipino Champ, Tampa Bison, Moons, PR Balrog, Alex Myers, Smug, Flash, Jon B, WolfKrone, Sabin, NYChrisG, 801 Strider, K-Brad, NuckleDu
DO 6 Crossover, Droken, DR Ray, JochyFocus, Caba, MenaRD
JP 7 Inuchiyo 5131, Momochi, GO1, Haitani, Itabashi Zangief, Tokido, Fuudo
GB 1 Problem X
NO 1 Phenom
KR 1 Verloren
PR 1 Mono
SG 1 Xian
See the CPT character stats page for more info on qualifying players. Currently -1 spots are not known yet.

Total listed players by country

Country Amount
SG 1
JP 12
US 44
DO 14
KR 1
PR 1
NO 1
GB 1
TW 2
VN 1