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Advised books/ebooks for improving competitive play:
The will to keep winning by Daigo Umehera, Fighting with numbers by Glennn Cravens, Giefs Gym by /reddit/sf and Fighting Game Fundamentals by Crosscounter!

Adding in BBTAG data, be patient as we calibrate the data!

This ranking is based on tournaments results of the latest 12 months using the official tournament scoring detailed on FAQ. The list is updated every week. The tournaments are judged by class, in a sliding window of the last 12 months. You can find an unlimited ranking based on pure tournament weight on the All-time Ranking page, and a short-time trend via the trending page.

Index Rank Name Team Character Actual Score (?) Tournaments (?) Country Rank Diff (?) Lifetime Score (?) Tournaments (?) Trending Score (?)
1 102 Brickterium Vegeta Cell Bardock 222 4 Ireland 43 6588 4 139
2 311 Ian McTetly Vegeta Goku Gohan adult 60 1 Ireland 76 1298 1 51
3 311 B Yamcha Kid Buu Gohan adult 60 1 Ireland 1344 1 60
4 476 Lythero Vegeta Android 16 Freeza 40 1 Ireland 18 792 1 0
5 581 Zoggere Vegeta Broly Bardock 29 1 Ireland 981 1 26
6 697 JamesLame Android 21 Android 16 Zamasu 24 1 Ireland 775 1 21
This is a list of the best Dragon Ball Fighterz tournament players world-wide. The DBFZ top player board is composed by looking at player weights, tournament difficulty and international appeal. For more info on the algorithm check out The FAQ page. This is a subjective list and is only meant to give an idea on who is making name and fame in the FGC. The ranking aims to provide a database of tournament results as well, open to the community.


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