SRK data - Injustice - Toryuken 3 - IGAU Tournament Details

Advised books/ebooks for improving competitive play:
The will to keep winning by Daigo Umehera, Fighting with numbers by Glennn Cravens, Giefs Gym by /reddit/sf and Fighting Game Fundamentals by Crosscounter!

This tournament was part of the Toryuken 3 event.

Type Country Date Format Game Weight Share Coverage Creator
Unranked Canada 05-2014 Double Elimination Injustice 2581 source bbr

Injustice rankings

Place Player Top Team(s) Country Score
1 HoneyBee
Canada 0
2 Gunshow
Canada 0
3 Biohazard
Canada 0
4 Rebelo
Canada 0

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